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How We Saved Thousands on Hiking and Camping Equipment

Many of us would like to get into the outdoors and experience the thrill of being in nature with our friends and family while hiking, camping, climbing, kayaking, swimming, and all of the other great activities that the wilderness has to offer. Unfortunately outdoor equipment can be expensive and cost thousands of dollars for an individual if and even more if your a family of five. Thankfully there is an option where you can get high quality gear at a very reasonable price. You can do this at REI garage sales. My family and I have saved thousands of dollars by using REI garage sales to outfit our entire family with backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, hiking shoes, shirts, jackets, camel baks and even mountain bikes at a fraction of the cost. As you’ll see in this video, nearly all of the equipment is either brand new or like new with little to no wear and tear that in any way affects the usability of the items which can be purchased at up to 80% off. This is why we suggest you try and attend an REI Garage Sale. If you do, you will be able to save thousands on hiking and camping equipment.

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