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Hobo Dinner Camping Food Foil Dinner Beef and Veggies

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Perhaps the best camping food you can make are hobo dinners! The best part is that these are completely prepared at home, leaving you with very little work to do while you’re out camping, except enjoying the campfire and waiting for your food to cook. When prepared right, hobo dinners (also sometimes called foil dinners or foil packets) are delicious, healthy, and satisfying!

You can also make this delicious camping food for friends at a barbeque. The well-seasoned mix of beef and veggies will be a gourmet treat compared to the standard hotdogs and burgers most people cook.

There are a few tricks to cooking and seasoning foil dinners right. Cutting the veggies too small can make them cook faster, making them soggy and overcooked. Different vegetables cook at different speeds so you have to be mindful of the sizes you cut them.

The heat of the coals is another key factor when cooking hobo dinners. You want to make a bed of coals separate from your campfire. Here is a simple test to check if your bed of coals is hot enough: put your hand about 1” above the coals. If you can leave it there for more than a full second, your coals are probably not hot enough. If you have to take it away almost immediately, you’re ready to cook your hobo dinner!

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For my Garlic Butter Shrimp and Veggies hobo dinner, click here:

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