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[HOT] sell one’s husband’s camping gear, 이상한 나라의 며느리 20190613

sell one’s husband’s camping gear
▶ More ‘daughter-in-law in Wonderland’ clips are available↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

[daughter-in-law in Wonderland]

Now through webtoons and movies,
The daughter-in-law story became a social phenomenon,
And now it begins!
The family culture of Korea seen from the daughter-in-law’s point of view!
How do we live in a “strange country”?
“When a women gets married, they will be living in a strange country ?!”
Many changed as time went by, but the hard life of the daughter-in-law remains.
Strange situation that whole family becomes happy when daughter-in-law is

sacrificed alone…
The remnants of the patriarchal system
‘The daughter-in-law of a strange country’ has gathered!
“Why should the daughter-in-law do this?”
Observing the daily life of Korean daughters,
Asked about the ‘sacrifice’ that is forced only to the daughter-in-law,
And about the unfair treatment and oppression
Of daughter-in-law! By the daughter-in-law! For a daughter-in-law!
It is released to the point of the whole daughter-in-law!
A story of the true family,
Finally getting to a country of happiness by admitting the difference in the ‘strange


★★★More “Daughter-In-Law in Wonderland” clips are available★★★

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