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The challenges of snow camping – tips and advice and sharing my experiences

In this video I share with you my experience of camping in the snow for the 3rd time, but really the first time all by myself. Of course i had my 3 German shepherds with me. my heater didn’t work (and I knew ahead of time that it wouldn’t ), my stove didn’t work the same way as usual. I had to drag and carry everything out over a wall of snow and walk about 150 feet. With every single trip!
In this video I also give you some tips and advice regarding
– expect your heater not to work and why
– expect your stove not to work the same way and how to prepare
– the camping gear you should have for camping in the snow without a heater (3 very important essentials)
– what type of clothes you should bring, especially if you don’t have special clothes designed for the snow
– the struggle finding a good camping spot when roads are closed and you just want snow
– Why have back up food – in my case the dogs ate all their food but I still had something to give them. Luckily lol.

I hope you enjoyed this video, please comment if you have questions or advice or really anything to say 😊
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Hope you enjoy this! It was a lot of fun.
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