Camping In The Woods

10 True Scary Deep Woods Stories: Park Rangers & Camping

You’ve been waiting for it, and you’ve been wanting it, so I have delivered. Episode 61 of scary stories bring us into the deep woods with 10 more thrilling experiences. What sorts of stories do we have today? Well here’s just a preview of what to expect.

Join a brother and sister who go camping out into the Alaskan Wilderness. While collecting firewood for the evening, they encounter a mysterious man who’s not just on the lookout for friendly talk. Soon our two are on the run as they try to escape the lonely dark woods. Whats going to happen to them?

Another story involves a former park ranger and the unexplained activity happening near his cabin. After returning home to find his home a complete mess, he must figure out who is responsible and how to stop them. One night changes his life as he gets a visit from the actual intruder. Who is he, and what does he have in store?

Lastly we have a story about some teenagers who go camping out in the woods during the summer with their school. One night they choose to go exploring in the woods only to stumble upon an abandoned shed. Little do they know the person waiting for them has been watching them the whole time.

So thats just a small sample of what to expect on todays story time. If you enjoyed the narration in the video then make sure to stay tuned for there is more on the way for you to listen to.

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*Important Notice*
All stories featured on this channel are written specifically for this channel ONLY!!

Thank you to my mom who filmed on todays episode. She was just in Alaska a couple weeks ago and got some amazing footage. Make sure to be watching the screen while listening.

Lastly a big thank you to YeahManTV Productions for helping out with todays thumbnail art. Incredible work my friend.

Confused on what you are watching? Well let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a narrator and voice actor who enjoys telling stories. These are stories that I collaborate with fans and friends in order to bring you a sort of audio adventure. Think of it like an audiobook, only that you are part of the stories as well. The visuals act as a bonus as you get lost in the storytelling. So I hope you enjoy.

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