Camping In The Woods

Solo Winter Bushcraft Overnighter in the Canadian Wilderness

After taking a few weeks off from camping due to a broken finger, I’m finally able to return to the woods.
I head out to the mountains of Alberta, Canada to enjoy two days of winter camping.
Since the last time I was out, the snow has accumulated immensely, making the hike in very difficult. Snowshoes were a necessity as the snow was 4-5 feet deep in some areas.
I hiked in about 4 kilometers from where I parked my vehicle, and due to the snow it took me 3 hours.
Once I arrive at the place I will call my camp for the night, I get busy cutting wood and starting my fire.
The bow saw is new, and it was hand carved by me. I got the blade from a hardware store for 5$, and the frame took me one evening to carve.
After starting my fire I cook myself some well-needed lunch. A pizza.
To cook the pizza I started with a piece of flatbread. On the flatbread I placed pizza sauce, then a variety of vegetables including a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, and a red onion.
Next came the pepperoni, which was sliced nice and thin to ensure the slices became slightly crispy during cooking.
Topped off with some marble cheese, the pizza was placed in the fire with an upturned pot on top to create an oven. I placed a few coals on top to ensure even cooking.
After 25 minutes the pizza was fully cooked and ready for eating.
After eating I set up my tarp in a simple low-profile lean-to configuration. There were no clouds in the sky and with barely any wind I felt comfortable sleeping under such a minimalist shelter.
For dinner I cooked steak fajitas. Two small steaks cooked to medium-well, topped with sauteed green bell peppers, orange bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, and red onions placed inside a toasted whole-wheat tortilla. I finished the fajitas with a squeeze of lime juice which made them simply delicious.
After dinner I gather more firewood, then turn in for the night.
During the day the warmest it got was -7 degrees celsius, and the coldest it got during the night was -18 degrees celsius. I stayed nice and warm under two wool blankets sleeping next to a long fire that I kept burning all night long.
In the morning I wake up to a bright sun and clear skies and proceed to eat an apple for breakfast.
I did plan to cook an elaborate breakfast instead, but unfortunately I forgot to pack some ingredients and was unable to do so.

I want to thank everyone for watching and apologize for the recent absence of videos being posted.

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