Camping Tips

My Fundamental Gear Tips for Backcountry Camping

Here’s my checklist when I’m packing up. I don’t bring everything, but it’s nice to have the reminder and just disregard non-essentials for a particular trip.

Final Check Before Leaving
Fridge food
Water bottle
Keys, wallet, cell
Weather forecast

Resupply before each trip
Fish seasoning

Day Gear
Rods, tackle, license, camera & tripod, paddles, lifejacket, anchor, sunscreen, shades, lighter, lip balm, hand lotion, map & case, bear spray, water bottle, gloves, hat, headlamp, small towel

Clothes, hoodie, water shoes, pyjamas, book, balaclava, swimsuit, small pillow, sleeping bag & liner, jacket, air horn, sleeping mat, tent & footprint, hammock & bug enclosure, batteries, tarp and bug shelter, duct tape, stuff sack for dirty clothes, power bank

Emergency Kit and Toiletries
Waterproof bandages, lighter, mirror, analgesics, antihistamines, antiperspirant, water purification tablets, TP & trowel, mirror, nail clippers, napkins

Food Bag
Gear-stick stove, pot & pan, plate, cutlery, cup, dishwashing gear & suds, water filter and canteen
Basics-pepper, lighter, sriracha, multivitamins, canola oil
Breakfast-muffins, oatmeal & crushed walnuts, pastries, just-add-water pancakes with syrup, oatmeal raisin cookies
Snacks-granola bars, nuts, hard candy, chocolate, cookies
Drinks-scotch, wine, tea
Lunch/Dinner-chili, naan with Indian sauce, naan with mixed veggies or spicy hummus, naan calzones, peanut butter & honey sandwich, noodle or rice side dish, crackers with cheese and salami, couscous, instant potatoes, grilled cheese, cheesy garlic bread, mac & cheese

Company – What They Need to Bring
Sleeping bag, sleeping mat and small pillow, water bottle, toothbrush, rain jacket, fishing tackle & license, light clothes that will cover your skin from bugs, set of clothes to keep dry including warm hoodie for evening and sleeping, shoes (might get wet), head net, sunscreen, headlamp (or flashlight), shades, hat, book, bather & small towel, backpack with liner to keep it dry, cup/plate/utensils.

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