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Overnight Winter Snowshoeing making Dinner on a Wood Burning Stove inside the Hot Tent. Hiking meal is a Makeshift Beef Stroganoff. The Goal zero luna is here Super cold deep snow make for a fun winter overnight More below.
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Seems some people have not been in deep snow up north in winter, I have gotten questions about this a lot and I’m betting most people asking the question have not camped out in -10 F and 6 foot of snow winters. My wife and I sleep in snow caves every chance we get and run winter survival courses for a living in the Adirondacks and White Mountains. I have worked for other guiding companies and am a Wilderness First Responder. We prefer 4+ feet of snow. I won’t explain it all as it is my job to teach this for my paycheck. Notice the snow shield/plate built for my stove and under it on the snow. I did not invent winter survival by the way, Camping in deep snow is an art and my favorite time of year.
I will give one common idea that is wrong- “Why didn’t you shovel all the snow down to the ground?..(someone even said I have no common sense lol). Joe-“Because cold air sinks and I would be in a big hole in the snow full of cold air freezing me all night and the ground is a solid block of ice.” There are definite techniques involved here and winter skills MUST WORK OR I WOULD BE DEAD LONG AGO. :D

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