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Walking through Auschwitz-Birkenau | Nazi Concentration Camp

I have been living in Germany for a little over a year. Last summer, I decided to visit Auschwitz – Birkenau, a Nazi Concentration Camp. This is what I saw: Please Keep in Mind…

A video like this is not easy to post.

My purpose for making Youtube videos has always
been to bring people together by spreading faith, hope, peace
and love…

As a traveler, I want to share all the experiences I have with
the viewers in hopes that we all might learn, gain empathy,
and live in harmony as best we can.

In no way do I think this represents the collective thoughts
of the German people, but rather shows us what can occur when
the hatred of a few people (no matter where they are from) is left unchecked…

There is really nothing I can do or say to preface this video properly,

Just know, I do not mean any disrespect by sharing it.

In memory of all who died or suffered…

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