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5 DAYS eating ONLY WILD FOODS! | Survival Challenge | The Wilderness Living Challenge 2017 SEASON 2

While we gear up for Season 3 in Texas to be RELEASED JULY 6, 2018, why not catch up on what you may have missed in Season 2 – Modern Hunter Gatherer!


Run this video out, and help me boost the channel watch time. This will help raise funds to cover the 22 hours drive to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park fly-in trip with Red Lake Outfitters in July with Jeremy!

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Enjoy the FULL COMPLETE Season 2 (2017) of Beyond Survival The Wilderness Living Challenge all in one place!

All 8 Episodes

0:00 Episode 1: Minnows, Milkweed & Mushrooms
42:17 Episode 2: Hare
1:06:24 Episode 3: Groundhog
1:32:13 Episode 4: Beaver
2:08:23 Episode 5: Fish
2:36:08 Episode 6: Bear
3:09:03 Episode 7: Catfish
3:53:34 Episode 8: Weigh Out
4:16:40 Trailer

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Grohmann Knives:
Trout & Bird:



Adam Craig:

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10:00, 25:14, 42:17, 1:06:24, 1:32:13, 1:40:56, 2:08:23, 2:36:08, 2:50:13, 3:09:03, 3:25:04, 3:53:34, 4:16:40

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