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$42 a month ($500 a Year)=Cheap Camping @ Coyote Howls RV Park

Today we’re going to take a trip down to Coyote Howls RV Park in Why, Arizona. It’s a very nice RV Park where you can live for the entire year for a mere $500 per year. Think about that, it costs less than $42 a month to live there for a year!

To live the truly free, nomadic life, we must reduce our living expenses to the absolute minimum, and the key to that is to stop paying rent or a mortgage. Those are a noose around our neck holding us to the prison of work and the rat race. Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to live rent-free or for very cheap! In this series, I’m going to show you how! You can find the whole series as a PLAYLIST HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDWe0DeV3D3wFED1xL0Tfi-Cmr3gXMQ6E

No matter how cheap your budget, you can learn something from this video about vandwelling and how to turn your car, van, caravan or RV into a surprisingly cheap and mobile, tiny house on wheels! Then you can live the life of your dreams by adopting a minimalist, simple and frugal life of travel and adventure as a gypsy, nomad, traveler or even a prepper by dropping out of the Rat Race and becoming a full-time Vandweller or RVer!
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Be aware that I am an Amazon affiliate, and by using these links I will make a small percentage of your purchase, even if you buy something else–and it won’t cost you anything!

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