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How To Tarp Camp With Bugs

There are many ways to deal with bugs while tarp camping! And the beauty is, when bugs aren’t prevalent you can easily leave all of this at home, saving the weight in your pack using a tarp and not a tent.

Something I forgot to mention but is equally important if not more, is WHERE you set up your camp. I always avoid rivers, lakes, and standing water. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, black flies breed in moving water, and generally it’s just good practice to dry camp. Especially given all other wild creatures visit bodies of water more frequently, upping the chances of dealing with something bigger, and unwelcome.

Things mentioned in this video:
Wear muted colors – bugs like colorful things
Avoid deodorant, perfume, and cologne
Confirm there are actually going to be bugs, as often there isnt
Check out a bivy! The superlight bivy by MLD is my favorite, and I’ve used it for 5,000+ miles
A headnet is a great option
Make an Umbrella Bivy! t’s easy, and by in large my go to system



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